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Facts About Us
General data

PERIOD from 01.07.2009.

Due to its business policy and strategy, INVESTCO SECURITIES Ltd., company for dealing with securities, by its own request (voluntarily) stopped to perform trading with securities for clients (which was performed until June 30, 2009) and the Company changed its name to INVESTCO Ltd. for business consulting (short name: INVESTCO Ltd.).

According to the basic financial data (assets, capital and reserves, income and profit) INVESTCO was one of the leading brokerage firms in Croatia (see: – 2008 Yearly Report). Now the Company intends to use resources and gained experiences for further development of business activities.

As of July 1, 2009 INVESTCO had personnel of 13 employees, five of them with the stock-broker exam and two employees with investment advisor exam.

The firm has annual contracts with IT firm, law offices/lawyers, an auditor, tax advisor, public relations company, few independent consultants and a security firm.

INVESTCO owns first class business premises sufficient for long term development needs. Our offices are equipped with excellent office equipment, computer technology fully supported by our own and licensed software solutions.


Full name of the firm: Investco Ltd. for Business Consulting
Short name of the firm: Investco Ltd.
Address: Boškovićeva 3/II, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Telephone: + 385 (1) 48 11 777
Fax: + 385 (1) 49 20 711


President: Miroslav Blažev,
Vice-President: Ljiljana Blažev