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INVESTCO, being the leader in the first after the Second World war transactions on The Zagreb Stock Exchange, has acquired up to these days, the position of respectful financial institution in the Republic of Croatia.
INVESTCO is also, one of the owners of investment funds management company "POBA ICO INVEST" Ltd., which started its activity as of 01.01.2007. The list of our clients and the projects in which INVESTCO participated and which were realized through our leadership in the course of previous years speak about our significance and impact throughout the financial sectors in Croatia.


The Republic of Croatia:

The Ministry of Finance
The Croatian Fund for Privatization
The Istria County

Foreign investors

Banca di Roma
Coca Cola
Fiat – Iveco
Merrill Lynch
Rothschild Italia

Croatian companies

Plava Laguna
Tankerska plovidba
Zagrebačka banka
Zagrebački velesajam
Other banks

Brokerage activity – investment counseling

Advisers to Agrokor in the Frikom, Inc. Belgrade SiCG (2003) acquisition
Advisors to Agrokor in the Sarajevo Distribution Centre BiH (2004) acquisition
The placement of the additional emission of Agrokor euro-bonds on the domestic market (2004)
Advisors to Agrokor in the Agrolaguna, Inc. Poreč privatization (2004)
Advisors to Agrokor in the acquisitions of the companies Belje, Inc and PIK - Vrbovec, Inc. (2005)

Company mergers and acquisitions

INVESTCO took part in over 60 mergers and acquisitions.
As the consultant to The Croatian Fund for Privatization, INVESTCO managed international tenders through which several major Croatian companies have been privatized (ZAGREBAČKA BREWERY, BADEL- BAP, SIRELA)

Other important acquisitions:

STRAŽA, Hum na Sutli
VOĆE, Zagreb
ATM, Zagreb
TLOS, Zagreb
FRIKOM a.d., Beograd
PIK, Vrbovec
BELJE, Darda

INVESTCO participated as the financial adviser to ISTARSKA BANKA in the process of its privatization. We have confirmed ourselves as the advisers to the leading Croatian capital companies like AGROKOR, TANKERSKA PLOVIDBA, and KONČAR.

Issuing of securities

1991 – the issuing of 50 million DM The Republic of Croatia bonds for the
reconstruction (the only "co-lead manager" for the total issue)
1991 - 1992 - Corporate bond issue for the shareholding companies JADRANKA, Mali Lošinj in the amount of 5 million DM and ARENATURIST, Pula in the amount of 8 million DM (issuing agent)
1993 - Issuing of the Republic of Croatia bonds for reconstruction in the amount of US$ 30 million (the only "co-lead manager" for the total issue)
1994 - The issuing of the first municipality bonds in Croatia – The Istria County bonds in the amount of 2 million DM ("lead manager")
1995 - The issuing of the bonds for financial rehabilitation of the General Hospital in Pula in the amount of 2.7 million DM ("lead- manager”)
1996 - The Croatian Ministry of Finance mandate for the exchange of 1,3 billion DM worth in bonds for economic restructuring in The Republic of Croatia with new bonds (technical emission)
1996 - The issuing of corporate bonds in the amount of ATS 70 million for the PODRAVKA concern which was at the same time the first international placement of Croatian corporate bonds (issuing agent)
1997 - the issuing of the city of Opatija bonds in the amount of 14 million kuna which were at the same time the first city bonds in Croatia (issuing sponsor)
1998 - the issuing of The Republic of Croatia bonds for restructuring in the amount of 220 million DM (arranger)
2000 - The additional capitalization of Istarska Banka, Inc. Pula (l84 million kuna)
2002 - The issuing of € 130 million AGROKOR bonds and listing these bonds at the Luxemburg Stock Exchange.
2004 - the preparation of the domestic market for the placement of € 230 million worth issue of AGROKOR bonds on the Croatian market


With the objective to provide the highest quality services in the area of securities trading, INVESTCO performed continuous researches, analyses of current situation and perspectives, as well as published the materials related to:

Macroeconomic situation in Croatia,
Sector analyses,
Capital market analyses,
Research of important Croatian companies,
Investment advisory.

INVESTCO owns database with business data for about 2.700 companies. During the research process, the company used its own software for capital market analyses.

Brokerage business
Through the team of licensed stock-brokers, the Company executed buy and sell orders for securities on the Zagreb and Varaždin Stock Exchange.

Investment advisory
By exploration of knowledge gained during rich experience, INVESTCO offered its clients investment advisory services in the following areas:

Corporative Finance
Raising of Capital
Merger and Acquisition